Flash Reflection

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Once I got the hang of using Flash, I really enjoyed it. I liked messing about trying to create short animations of sheep jumping over fences, but nothing too daring and complicated. It was a steep learning curve that I wanted to climb.

With the slideshow, I found it difficult getting to grips with the actions for buttons and it took me a while to solve problems. I was over the moon when it eventually worked the way I wanted it too.


This was just really cool

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MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Secondlife or Firstlife?

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I think that Secondlife is an interesting idea and at the time of creation, could have been appealing as something to cure bordem. But as more and more of these sites appear, the sadder I think it becomes. People are loosing touch with socialising the proper way, by meeting new people face to face. And are spending too much time online and not out in the real world.

second life

The story about two people meeting on Secondlife, getting married, and then getting a divorce because one caught the other having virtual sex with someone else on Secondlife makes me cringe. That’s a ludicrous level for it to reach and i’m embarrassed for the people involved. Virtual worlds are useful for people who are shy and find it difficult to socialise with people in person. But virtual worlds should only be seen as an alternative, not a replacement to the real world.


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I enjoyed this workshop because it made me realise what I forgot about Photoshop. I’ve had experience with it before, and found these workshops very easy. When I got home, I downloaded the trial version of CS4 and spent ages messing about with it.

I made the banner in this blog in photoshop using different coloured blocks and a blur and lens effect.
I like making images from scratch rather than editing photos to make them look better.

We’re all being watched

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When I walk down the street, I sometimes think “How weird would it be if I was living in The Truman Show!” We all know the film, where Jim Carey spends his whole life in a small town, but finally works out that it’s actually a TV show. He’s the main character, and everyone he lives around are actors.thetrumanshow1

I don’t worry about being tracked in the real world at all and understand the need for CCTV cameras. I just get along with my business as everyone else would.

Sometimes I get concerned about the trail I leave on the internet by uploading personal photos. But I am not all that bothered about people seeing them. I keep my profile on private so only friends have access to my info and even then, I have a very small amount of info about myself on there.

New slideshow

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Women’s only parking level

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My friend just received a call from his friend who was in Bolton. He said that he was trying to park his car in a multi-storey car park and had to go all the way up to the 9th floor. On his was up there he passed the obvious bottom floor dedicated to staff, and then the 1st floor specifically for disabled people. Then he reached the second floor, a women’s only floor.

For years, feminists have moaned about discrimination towards women. But it seems like the tables are turning, and these feminists are now turning sexist themselves. In my life time I have only ever seen one advert on TV that doesn’t treat women equally, the Yorkie chocolate bars – “It’s not for girls!”. Yet in the past month I’ve seen adverts with things saying “So easy, a man can do it” about some sort of oven cleaner. The all female panel on Loose Women giving men constant jip about everything and anything.

woman driversBut do things really need to be stepped up to womans only parking levels. It’s turning into the 50’s! What’s next, black only parking levels?